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Coach Chinmay, ironman coach, running trainer,  triathlon, fitness trainer, cycling, weigh

I trained with Chinmay for a few months, it was exhilarating.
The best part about training with him is that he starts slow , moulding your body to the new routine, which prevents the severe body aches and muscle pulls.
He is very committed to his sessions and pays attention to each participant. Other than the workout session he also guides and keeps a track of your routine. One can reach out to him for help anytime 🙌.
For me the highlight is his stretching session at the end of the workout, so relaxing and necessary, which most trainers skip.

If you are looking for a certified, dedicated trainer to guide you throughout your wellness journey, I 100% recommend CHINMAY. 🙌

Katyayni Saraswat, Illustrator & Visual Communication Designer

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